Get Creative with our Halloween Headband Tutorial!

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halloween bat headband tutorial copy


It’s that time of year again when the leave are falling off the trees and along with it the spookiest holiday of the year – Halloween! Even on Halloween every girl (or boy) still needs to accessorize and this bat headband is the perfect way to do that. Here is a quick tutorial on how I make a bat inspired headband .


– Foam board in black
– Wiggle eyes
– Headband
– Scissors or Stanely knife
– Black pom pom
– Glue gun


1. To start with you’ll need to draw out bat wings with a base. You can make the wings as big or small as you like it really depends on how scary you want to be! Once you have bat wings drawn out cut it out and use it as a template on the foam. Cut the wings out on the foam and hey presto your little bat is born! The basic shape I use is below:




2. Fire up the glue gun and lets give this bat some body – literally! The glue I use is in the following picture:


Get the pom pom and the wiggle eyes and glue those suckers on. Here are my befire and after cosmetic surgery pictures…..


Bat headband

AFTER – and finally the bat sees!

diy halloween headband

3. Body meets wings time. Slap some glue on the wings in the middle and shove the bat head on the wings to create your beast. Make sure the eyes are for one facing forward and are looking straight ahead ideally.


4. Now we have our bat ready you need to make some complicated method of affixing this creature to your headband. I do this in the form of foam! Cut out two circles in foam that are three times the diameter of your headband width like so….


5. Glue one of the circles to the bottom of you bat attaching the wings and the pom pom body. Try to get it in the center as much as possible.


6. Here comes the magic part. Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the circle you just attached on the front and back edge leaving the center strip of the circle glue free. You are aiming to make a channel so you can slide the bat on and off your headband. This way you can still use your headband after Halloween without an unsightly bat which people might find odd or special after the holiday! The channel should look a little something like this:


7. All that left to do is to slide the completed bat onto your headband and hit the streets!



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial – not strictly wedding related but fun none the less!! If you have any questions or comments let us know!

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